Casting Call



Date: Sunday, August 16, 2 – 5pm (during Audre Lorde Project’s Chillin & Grillin BBQ event)

Location of film recording: Prospect Park (Brooklyn, NY). We will be set up near the Picnic House (adjacent to Audre Lorde Project’s Chillin & Grillin BBQ event site), and will have a sign identifying us as the UNTITLED TRANS*NAMES project. 

 Director: Felix Endara

Producer: Lucia Leandro Gimeno


Trans  identified and gender non-conforming/genderqueer folks along the beautiful, broad gender spectrum. We are especially interested in people of color, and folks of different ages and sizes. Although we recognize that Prospect Park may not be very accessible for folks with limited mobility, please let us know if you are interested, so that we can work with you to to make it possible for you to participate in the project.


Come ready to share a little about you, specifically around the name(s) you have chosen. Does your name allow you to remain connected to and honor your family? Or is it a way to remember a remarkable individual in your life? Maybe you like the way it sounds? Or perhaps you decided not to change it at all? Great! We’d love to hear your story.


Please email Lucia Leandro at, to RSVP and schedule a time on Sunday, August 16, between 2 and 5pm, to stop by to be interviewed. Your interview should take between 10-15 minutes. Group interviews are also welcome so bring a friend or several!

There is no financial compensation for your participation -- just our eternal love and gratitude. And we will have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for you! Please let us know if you have any food allergies. 

Some info about the project:

UNTITLED TRANS NAMES is a short documentary that asks trans folks a simple question: “Tell me a story about your name and why you chose it.” But as simple as this inquiry initially appears, it can reveal the intersection of personal and collective histories when responses are informed by each subject’s background, hopes, desires and fantasies.

The project highlights only a small aspect of the lives of trans people, but one that carries enormous significance, as choosing of one’s name is often an important step into a transition process that can be prohibitive for many of us without access to certain technologies or even basic health care.

2015 is arguably the peak year of trangender visibility, with even The New York Times and the Today show featuring series on what it means to be transgender in this present age. Not to mention the many other media projects in distribution or in-progress that highlight transgender characters leads. What is significant to note; however, is that very little of this visibility is produced by trans-identified individuals.

Felix is a transgender filmmaker with a long and consistent track record of producing innovative, thought-provoking media of consequence that has screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. Topics he has covered have ranged from the preservation and celebration of LGBT historical spaces to character portraits of activists who rise up to the challenges of fighting prejudice and violence. In addition, his work as a programmer and arts administrator draws on his values to champion art that functions as a catalyst for social change. To learn more about Felix, go to


The origin of the concept for UNTITLED TRANS NAMES was my own search for a new name, to reflect my transmale identity. My films are personal stories of transformation and resilience. In 2013, I made GRIT & GRIND, a poly-vocal memoir documentary of New York City’s Clit Club. The history of Clit Club is my story, told by an introspective observer who came out and of age at the height of AIDS, imbued with a sense of unapologetic queer activism. If you’re interested in watching this film, let me know and I’ll send you link to Vimeo/password.

Questions? Please email Felix at