Summer in Prospect Park (Brooklyn), and the joys of meeting trans folks

The UNTITLED TRANS NAMES PROJECT team completed another successful shoot on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday in Prospect Park (Brooklyn). Through extensive outreach, we scheduled interviews with various trans*, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks. They came to the park to talk to us about their names and to tell us a little story about themselves and their choices. In the slideshow, you will find some production stills. Big ups to crew comprised of Des Almoradie (on camera), Alan Roth (on audio), and production assistants Ariel Ottey and Bridget Duggan. Des and Alan are both talented and experienced filmmakers of their own, and Ariel and Bridget are embarking on budding film careers. The team did an amazing job of capturing these lovely individuals on film.  I'm super thrilled with the footage I reviewed so far, and can't wait to start post-production.